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TLC on Dining Room Table

When we first started renovating our home, it was purely as our holiday home, or our weekend bolthole, if you like. I wasn't sure what I really wanted in it, but I knew we needed a dining room table, so a quick online search and I ordered a pine table to be delivered. When it arrived, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. It had draws in the side, and the legs were painted a soft grey, so all in all a very nice table.

The table top though wasn't waxed (my choice) but over time it got grubby and so when we sold up, and moved into this house properly, I just threw a table cloth over it and carried on as normal.

Last year though over on Instagram, I saw a table top that had been whitened with some oil from Neptune, and it looked amazing. So I took myself off to our local Neptune in Canterbury, and bought a can! Thats where it stopped.

Roll on lockdown, and I'm finally getting the jobs done that are on my to do list.

First I sanded the table top down. To make it a little easier, I attached the sander to our vacuum cleaner, which kept the dust to a minimum. I went over the top a few times, and it already looked a lot better.

Next, up I rubbed the oil all over it, which actually it felt more like paint. I left it on for a few minutes to sink in, and then I took a soft cloth and really rubbed it all in, almost buffing it. It took a few goes, as I needed to take off the access. Well, the effect is even better than I'd hoped for, and I'm really pleased with how it now looks.

Just goes to show, I needed the push of lockdown to do some of the jobs, I've been putting off.

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