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Easter Decor

Give me a holiday, and I'll decorate for it, actually I don't even need a holiday, I'll happily decorate on any excuse, but Easter is such a special time in the Church calendar. This year has of course been different from any other Easter, so instead of being able to fill the house with flowers, and pretties that I would normally have bought in the shops, I've had to dig around my "spring decor" box. Yup, I have boxes for each season, and I've been collecting bits of the years.

So let me take you on a little tour of how I've decorated our home.

In our entrance way I've added some faux flowers, and a couple of little wreaths I have. I gave my little rabbit wreath a makeover and added some paper bunting that I cut from the Cricut.

My Easter tree is many, many (many) years old, but I still think its pretty. It has a little basket at the bottom for mini eggs, but I also wanted something a little more modern, that I'd seen in homes on Instagram and Pinterest. Luckily for me, a friend gave me some willow at Christmas, so I managed to find a vase big enough, and added my little ornamental eggs that I've collected.

And heres my old faithful Easter Tree.

My dresser too, has a little spring and Easter make over, with a few little bunnies making an appearance.

I've even a little Lego Easter Bunny.

A few other areas have been Eastercised (I don't think thats a word, but it works for me).

Even our bedroom has a few touches of Easter decor.

I'll end by wishing you all a happy Easter, from Bertie and I, and in these difficult and unsettling times. Please stay home and stay safe.

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