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Keeping Memories Alive

I'm sure we all have a cupboard, a box (or more than one in my case) of photos stored away. Even though I'm a scrapbooker, I still have many, many photos that I love to look at on a more regular basis, which aren't in my albums. So I thought I'd share with you an idea of mine, and how I keep those memories fresh, and the photos within easy reach.

This idea actually came about when the little house, was our holiday home. I wanted to keep photos of how the family enjoyed this house, back when it was Nan and Grandads, and to keep within reach, for everyone to see. I still use it now but I also include our everyday photos in it. A few years ago, Simons mum loaned him her box of her old photos, so we scanned them and printed some out, before giving them back, and I keep those in here. Its fun just to sit and flick through, I even manage to change them around a bit more, so newer and older memories are mixed in here together.

From what I can remember, the jar was one I found which was primarily meant to be a vase, but it has a nice wide opening, to be able to just reach in, and rummage around.

Friends and family love sitting having a look, and it still brings back lovely memories for family members who enjoyed our home when Nan and Grandad lived here.

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