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2021 ... Lets do this!

Its certainly been a while since I posted on here, and although we all have issues with 2020, its all about onwards and upwards. Of course I can't ignore the past year, and over the course, I'll share how we dealt with it, and all that happened in our home.

So, what did we achieve? Well, the biggest news was that we opened our tea room, and I will share more of that in another post, but this is more about our plans and goals, as anyone that knows me, knows I do love a plan!

Each year, I write a few goals out, and also choose a word, that will take me through the coming 12 months. Last year, I picked the word "FOCUS", and I've decided to use that same word again this year, only break it down a bit, so ;

F - FRIENDS .... Now I know that connecting with friends is difficult during COVID, but a simple phone call, text or WhatsApp, is something I need to concentrate on more. Its easy to send out Christmas cards and wish everyone well, but for me, I need to actually check on them more, and keep those friends close to my heart more, and actually make the connections.

O - ORGANISE ... This comes up on my goals list nearly every year, but I really need to get my act together with this. I plan on going through my emails regularly and tidy them up, clear out draws, and make everything much more accessible.

C - Craft .... Its always been my passion, and I have a head full of ideas; be that paper crafting, learning to crochet (on my list every year), and general creative ideas. I shouldn't let it be an after thought. Its who I am, I need to embrace it.

U - US .... Be it our home, faith, garden, bears, allotment or the beach hut. Anything, that really makes Simon and I, "US"

S - SHOP ... Obviously Bosuns is a huge part of our life now, and we have to put the time and work into it. Plus, its so enjoyable, so why not.

Now, I'm sharing a little piece of art that a friend made and sent to me last year. Isn't it lovely? It really does bring my word to life, and just one more reason why the Friends part of my focus is so so important.

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