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January in Lockdown

I had such big plans to get super duper organised, but of course that never happened. What did happen though is the following in photos. I think I'll try and do a post like this each month, especially as I've decided not to do Project Life. I never seem to actually complete an album, and it just sets me up to fail, and who wants that! So here goes;

I had a good look through my Fortnum & Mason's Advent beauty box. At first, when I was opening the draws each day, I wasn't sure I'd really liked the products, but once I had chance to see them although, I was really happy. I've already started using a few of them as well. The hand cream is wonderful.

Last year, I signed up to Freddies flowers as during lockdown, one of the things I really missed, was being able to pick up bunches of flowers along with my weekly shopping. I get a bouquet delivered every two weeks and they really brighten up a difficult time.

Next up was we had a few trips to the vet as sadly, Bertie hurt his paw. He was limping, and we thought that jumping in and out of the dishwasher, taking all the draws and plates with him, could have been the issue. On a second visit, they sedated him and did an X-ray, and found a tiny piece of glass, which they cut out. He's still limping slightly, but getting better each day. It was lovely to see Molly sleep next to him on his return.

Although the shop has been closed during lockdown, we've been getting on with some chores. One of those was to paint the dresser with Frenchic paint, which we now stocking.

On the baking front, I've been trying out brownie recipes, rocky road, and I even made Simon's favourite cherry cake for his birthday. Talking of which, we decided that as we couldn't get out, we would make each others cards all this year. Birthday, anniversary and also special occasion ones.

Finally, we have had some amazing sunsets in January, and the Island made the press. We were one of the top destinations for staycations.

I'm full of hope for February, it feels lovely that the nights are getting lighter. I'm also full of hope that I continue to blog. I'm working on the website for the shop, and that too has a blog, so fingers crossed I get to grips with a schedule.

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Hi Sandra - lovely to see your latest blog post, well done for doing another so soon!

I didn’t get a F&M advent box last year as I hadn’t really used that much from previous years box and it looks pretty similar to previous ones - what do you think now?

All the best

Carol x

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