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Garden Design

We were very lucky in our old home to have a lovely large garden with a vegetable plot and a scattering of trees, so it was always going to be a bit of an adjustment when we moved, which is why a lot of planning and thought had to go into it.

So let me show you first, how Simon designed it on sketch up in relation to the house. So far we've not built the pagoda, as I'm still not sure what we are doing with that area, but its an idea.

We were so lucky, and found a landscaper through Check a Trade, who really understood just what I was after, and we spent time, making sure the slabs and the cobble stones we used were the right colour.  Here are some of the in process photos.

We've always added our names in any building work, we've undertaken.

All of this, and these photos were done before we moved in a few years ago, and although a few changes have been made, such as plant pots etc., you wouldn't notice a great deal of difference. I had hoped to make a big start on it this year, but with all that is going on in our crazy world, with coronavirus and self isolation, I will have to make a start with what I have around me. I think the first few years of a new garden are always a little bit of trial and error, what works, what doesn't.  I also have to take into account the sea air, and the winds that we get by living in such an exposed area. So, wish me luck, and I'll be sharing our journey with you.

As you may already have figured out, that gorgeous grass, no longer looks like that with a certain two bears, so one of the main changes, we're thinking of making is to change it to artificial grass, but again, maybe thats for a time when things have settled down again.

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