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5 Things to do at Home

So we're all stuck in our homes for a while. Oh its frustrating isn't it? All those plans we wanted to do, or places we had planned to go. Well, its ok, we can do them soon enough, but for now, lets think of this time as pressing the "pause" button, which gives us time to enjoy our homes and embrace this time.

Here are 5 ideas, that might give you an idea of something to do


I will say this comes with a warning, Its addictive! We have been searching our family history since we first got married, and belong to, but there are some free sites to get you started, or should I say hooked. "Find my past" and "My Heritage". My number one tip is that I suggest first, is to speak to family members and get as much information from them as you can. Start with yourself and work backwards, you'll be surprised how much you already know. Then start building your tree.

Sort through your photographs

As a scrapbooker I love looking through old photographs and thinking how I'll scrap and record them. So first,I suggest you organise and back up your photos on your phone or computer as it is so easy to lose those memories. If you can, write on the back of any photos you have, dates and who's in them, you may find that this will help if you do decided to go down the genealogy route. Most of all though, you'll have such a smile on your face when you do start sorting them, and those happy memories will all come flooding back.

Set the table

Setting the table as if you were eating in a restaurant, is one of the easiest ways to make you feel like you're spoiling yourself. Find your prettiest crockery, and light some candles and enjoy. It doesn't even all have to match, just pull out all the china that makes you smile, and play with table settings. Even if you're not interested in drinking wine or anything with your meals, just pour yourself a nice glass of water in your prettiest glass, and you'll feel special. My mother in law always told me to never save things for best, use and enjoy them everyday.

Google Earth

Google Earth is something that you can download for free on your phone, computer or tablet, and just let your imagination take you where you want to visit. I just spent time in Florence, somewhere I'd love to go one day. If you're unsure where to start, Google earth gives you guides and ideas, anything from Harry Potter to Cherry Blossom around the world. Its amazing, and you can even click to walk around museums.


Now this is one of my favourite things I've found during my time indoors. You can download books and magazines for free from your library, or at least that's what our library does. Just log on and put in your library card number and you'll find so many books to enjoy. Magazines, are my guilty pleasure for sure, and a couple of apps that I've downloaded, allow me to read all sorts of magazines from around the world. A lot of them aren't brand new, but that's ok, I still love to flick through. These apps are called; RB digital and Press Reader.

I'll leave it there for now, but will have a few more ideas for you during this pandemic. Please stay safe.

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